Is a hydroponic farm profitable in India?

Cost of Quality Fruits and Veggies in Indian Market

I saw many farmers who cultivate capsicum(Red and Yellow) in green house, have sold their product in regular markets at quite normal prize. It is expected that when they produced such good and exotic product, they should get good prize for it. But its not true in many cases. Unless Government takes some initiation to decide quality of agricultural products and recognize, such farmers will not be encouraged.

Why Hydrophonics in India !!! …..Is it really required ???

Why one should go for hydrophonics when sufficient amount of water and soil is available?When there is extreme scarcity of soil and water starts, then it compels us to go towards hydrophonics.

Infact, people are using hydrophonics, nowadays to produce uniform quality (Color/size/Quantity of produce)product. Normal public never expect(At least in India) to use a uniform quality product as it costs a lot compared to regularly harvested agri-product. Uniform quality of product is expected while exporting the product to some other country, as packing and logistics will be easier and comfortably done.

If India wants to have a market share in agri-product selling in International Market, then hydrophonics is needed for India. In fact, there is not big market for exotic fruits and vegetables in India. Out of Indian requirement for exotic fruit and vegetables, hardly 15% of such exotic fruits and vegetables are being cultivated in India. 85% of such products are being imported from foreign.

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